"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those that bring glad tidings of good things, and that say unto Zion: Behold, thy God reigneth! As the dews of Carmel, so shall the knowledge of God descend upon them!" ---D&C 128:19

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Life of a Senior Couple

Hey family! Man that trip in the canyon sounded pretty cool. I didn't know you all bought hammocks. It would definitely fit in with Surinamese culture, 90% of the time in our lessons we sit in chairs and our investigators will sit up in their hammock.
Life as 20 year old senior couple missionaries is pretty fun. Basically all of the problems in Suriname get delegated to whatever companionship is assigned to the responsibility. There are a lot of moments where you have to go with the flow...an elder or a sister has an inner-tube pop and we go and try to fix the bike as best we can in time to make it for an appointment, or a missionary has an ingrown toenail so we take them to the doctor, things like that. I feel bad when I write letters because a lot of our week is spent trying to organize things for the actual senior couple that will be coming to Suriname on June 22 and I don't have too much to write about.
I will say though that out of all the issues we have helped with the best one probably came from this morning. We got a call from the sister missionaries serving in the same branch and they told us about a problem that they had in the apartment. We asked them what it was and they described how insects were crawling out of the countertop, up the wall, leaving a sticky substance behind as they made a hole in the ceiling. We realized after they described the bug that they had a termite problem. Good times. Haha
Another highlight from the week came with an investigator we had named "J." "J" is a no nonsense man. He will always explain his thought process and then follow it with, "Am I wrong or no" and we can basically tell it to him how it is. We taught about the Pre-Mortal Life in our last lesson and he just had to take a moment to really ponder about what we were teaching him. He came to church yesterday and was asking several questions about the Sabbath Day since that was something we were discussing during third hour. We are pretty excited for him, hopefully he can be ready for baptism before I have to leave.
To answer a couple of questions that you had,
1. I am driving. We will have to give the truck up pretty soon when the senior couple arrives but for now I am the one driving. It's nice when it starts to rain and you don't have to worry about getting wet. At first it was a little difficult to get used to how narrow the streets are here but after awhile it's just like driving in the states.
2. My companion's name is Elder Orton. He is from Cedar City and is on his last transfer. He is really organized and wants to go out with the torch still lit which is good. He was actually in the MTC just a month before our group got there so we saw him and his group there for the first little bit.
3. I haven't touched my suit jacket since I got in Suriname. It's still in good shape and I have not gained a single pound on the mission so everything still fits.
Sorry it's not much this week, President Egbert is coming this weekend so we are excited.
Hope you all have a good week!
Love you!
Elder Cooper