"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those that bring glad tidings of good things, and that say unto Zion: Behold, thy God reigneth! As the dews of Carmel, so shall the knowledge of God descend upon them!" ---D&C 128:19

Monday, December 8, 2014

Three Month Mark? What?

Hey guys! So apparently I have hit the three month mark. The milestone went completely over my head. Time may not be going very fast for you guys but it feels like a blur here. I am really enjoying it!
To update you guys on the area, "Z" is technically in the sisters area, so we are not able to visit him. He still came to church this last Sunday which was cool. I really hope the sisters visit him often and teach him well. He shows a sincere interest and I feel like he could progress so much with love and patience. I'll keep you guys updated with him.
As for "O"--we taught her the Plan of Salvation. She received it really well and told us that she is   still reading and studying. It's awesome to see how much they love the gospel. They had some questions about what would happen to someone who didn't get baptized in this life which gave us the opportunity to talk about temples. They really liked it, especially when we showed them what temples look like. Every lesson with them so far has been awesome! They came to church again yesterday which was awesome to see them there. We also helped her niece with English, which we then realized we don't know the names of any of the grammatical terms. We eventually figured it out but at first it was tough. I'm really excited to see how the rest of it goes.
As for everything else it just goes. We still have contacts to follow up on from the city blitz as well as some other contacts. We had one lady pass us on the street and she was like "you guys never called me back!" Now I'm new so I had no idea what she was talking about but then Elder Beckstrand immediately recognized her and explained that his companion before me had said that she would call us. Which apparently was not what she had said. We called her back and have an appointment set up. It was kind of a tender mercy to just boost our area a ton. Me and Elder Beckstrand are excited for what this transfer has in store.
You guys had some questions so I'll try and answer them super quick.

How far away from the ocean are you?
Far. I've never seen the ocean in Suriname. Maybe an hour north of Paramaribo by car is how far it is.

Do you eat out much?
About twice a week. Usually to Hesdy's or Wolly's. Wolly's is a burger place that kinda reminds me of a poor-man's version of JCW's. Hesdy's is a BBQ. We actually went to a really nice place in Wanica this week. It was the best I've eaten in Suriname. The name of the dish is "Nassi." So good. Different flavors all in the same dish.

Rate your bike on a scale of 1-10.
I got a new one from the zone leaders and it gives me less of a headache. I'd say this one is a 7. The big gear has dropped a couple of times but I've figured out how to ride and get it to stay.

What time do you have to wake up and be out of the apartment?
We usually get out of the apartment around 1:30. We are supposed to be awake at 6:30, work out, breakfast, studies from 8-12 then lunch for an hour.

I have a couple of pictures this week. One is of me in skinny pants we had made. The other elders had some made and it was kind of a big deal. I wanted to try it and see if I would like it. They feel fine so... The other one is of a building under construction I thought it was a big contrast between how we use nice 2x4 and they are using unprocessed trees.  The last one is a pic of all the missionaries in our area.

Love you guys! Have a great week!
Elder Cooper

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